Millner in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Millner
Thomas Millner
Henry Millner
John Millner
Francis Millner
Edward Millner
George Millner
Charles Millner
James Millner
Alfred Millner
Albert Millner
Frank Millner
Richard Millner
Ralph Millner
Zenas Millner
Philip Millner
Joshua Millner
Robert Millner
Joseph Millner
Tom Millner
Arthur Millner
Herbert Millner
Samuel Millner
Harry Millner
Robt. Millner
Geo. Millner
Fred Millner
W.H. Millner
Edwin Millner
Uriah Millner
Chas. Millner
Thos. Millner
Benjamin Millner
J. Millner
Stanly Millner
Ann Millner
Robt.Henry Millner
Frederick Millner
Reuben Millner
Phillip Millner
Enoch Millner
Nichol Millner
Valentine Millner
Allen Millner

Top female forenames

Mary Millner
Sarah Millner
Jane Millner
Annie Millner
Hannah Millner
Ann Millner
Elizabeth Millner
Catherine Millner
Anne Millner
Margaret Millner
Ellen Millner
Edith Millner
Charlotte Millner
Emily Millner
Maria Millner
Emma Millner
Kate Millner
Martha Millner
Louisa Millner
Ada Millner
Eliza Millner
Minnie Millner
Florence Millner
Susannah Millner
Jessie Millner
Harriet Millner
Lena Millner
Thirza Millner
Julia Millner
Susan Millner
Elizth.Sarah Millner
S. Millner
Harriett Millner
Dorothy Millner
Geraldine Millner
Luvanna Millner
Fanny Millner
Agnes Millner
Lillias Millner
Ursula Millner
Isabella Millner
Rebekah Millner
Millicent Millner
Gwenllian Millner
Frances Millner
Anna Millner
Flora Millner
Anastatia Millner
Winifred Millner
Eugenie Millner

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
Governess (Teacher)
Licensed Victualler
Joiners Apprentice
Farmer Daughter
Pit Lab
Labourer In Iron Wks
Works In Fields
Farmer Of 27 Acres
Farmer Of 15 Acres Licensed
Farmer Of 16 Acres
Farmer Of 18 Acres Of Land
Genl Serv Dom
Farmer Son
Farmer Wife
Forger Iron Labourer
General Servant
Formerly Ag Lab Widow
Formerly Farm Labourer
Gen Serv Dom
General Ser (Domestic)
General Labourer
General Practitioner
Farm Serv Indoor
B...t Fitter
Book Keeper
Book Keepers Wife
Butchers Wife
Chief Clerk HM High Court Of Justice Mchester District Registry (-W Serv)
Coal Miner
Commercial Clerk Bank
Cook Domestic
Cook Domestic Servant
Cow Boy
Dock Labourer
Barman Inn
Drapers Assistant
Errand Boy To Printer