Massie in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Massie
John Massie
George Massie
Samuel Massie
Joseph Massie
Charles Massie
Robert Massie
Richard Massie
James Massie
Thomas Massie
Arthur Massie
Frederick Massie
David Massie
Henry Massie
Harry Massie
Frank Massie
Edward Massie
Henery Massie
Alex Massie
Rion Massie
Ralph Massie
Mark Massie
Francis Massie
Louis Massie
Edwd.J. Massie
Walter Massie
Jack Massie
Andrew Massie
Alex. Massie
Albert Massie
Fredk.W. Massie
Moses Massie
Marinus Massie
Ernest Massie
Lewis Massie
Clement Massie
Watkin Massie
Jacob Massie
Thos. Massie
Horace Massie
Alexander Massie

Top female forenames

Mary Massie
Elizabeth Massie
Sarah Massie
Ann Massie
Margaret Massie
Annie Massie
Charlotte Massie
Hannah Massie
Emily Massie
Ellen Massie
Eliza Massie
Edith Massie
Harriet Massie
Caroline Massie
Martha Massie
Jane Massie
Helen Massie
Ethel Massie
Anne Massie
Jeannie Massie
Alice Massie
Agnes Massie
Hellen Massie
Emma Massie
Eleanor Massie
Agness Massie
Henrietta Massie
Clementine Massie
Sidney Massie
Ruth Massie
Catherine Massie
Phoebe Massie
Florence Massie
Bridget Massie
Barbara Massie
Kate Massie
Isabella Massie
Clara Massie
Cathern Massie
Rebecca Massie
Grace Massie
Maud Massie
Fanny Massie
Beatrice Massie
Louisa Massie
Elspeth Massie
Anna Massie
Jessie Massie
Amy Massie

Top occupations

Labourer Farm
Ag Lab
Farmer Dau
Retired Farmer
Farm Bailiff
House Keeper
Coal Miner
Drapers Assistant
Retired Grocer
Private Means
Agricultural Labourer
Formerly Farmer
Verger Of Kensington
Dress Maker
Engine Room Joiner Shipkeeper (Ship Carpenter)
Farm 211 Acres Employing 2 Labourers 2 Boys
Flour Dealer Assistant
Farm Laborer
Farmer 120 Acres Empg. 1 Man 2 Boys
Farmers Son
Farmer 3 Acres
Farmers Daur
Farmer Of 4 Acres
Farmer Of 312 Ac Emp 3 Lab & 1 Boy
Farmer Of 208 Acres Employing 4 Men
Chapel Keeper (Kews Palac)
Domestic Servt
Brewers Pupil
Butcher Employing 1 Boy
Butcher Journeyman
Butchers Wife
Captain R A Military Tutor
Carman & Contractor
Cashier (Comm Clk)
Cashier At Stationers
Chemical Manufacturer
Clergyman Of Church Of England Without Cure
Clothers Assistant
Commision Agent
Cook (Domestic Serv)
Cook Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant