Surname distribution maps for Lesslie

There are approximately 227 people named Lesslie in the UK. That makes it the 14,277th most common surname overall. Out of every million people in the UK, approximately 4 are named Lesslie.

Lesslie in the 1881 Census

Lesslie in the 21st Century

The maps, if available, show both where there are more people named Lesslie and where they are most concentrated.

The distributions are shown by means of coloured dots centred on the various British counties. The dots relate to the county as a whole, not to any specific location within the county.

For the 1881 census, the counties used are those which existed at the time and were recorded on the census data. For the 21st century stats, the traditional or ceremonial counties are used in order to avoid distortions caused by unitary authority cities.

The darker the colour, the more people in that county are named Lesslie.

The larger the dot, the greater the proportion of people in that county are named Lesslie.

Hovering over the dots will give you the individual statistics for that county.