Haddow in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Haddow
James Haddow
John Haddow
Charles Haddow
Henry Haddow
Alfred Haddow
George Haddow
Harry Haddow
Robert Haddow
Herbert Haddow
Edwin Haddow
Papworth Haddow
Josh. Haddow
Wm. Haddow
Thomas Haddow
Peter Haddow
Josiah Haddow
Arthur Haddow
Andrew Haddow
Sydney Haddow
Ernest Haddow
Edgar Haddow
Jonas Haddow
Benjamin Haddow
Archibald Haddow
Hamilton Haddow
Fredrick Haddow
Samuel Haddow
Ephraim Haddow
Edmund Haddow
Chas. Haddow
Joseph Haddow
Bentley Haddow

Top female forenames

Mary Haddow
Eliza Haddow
Sarah Haddow
Emma Haddow
Elizabeth Haddow
Emily Haddow
Agnes Haddow
Ellen Haddow
Lizzie Haddow
Jane Haddow
Anne Haddow
Edith Haddow
Fanny Haddow
Ann Haddow
Esther Haddow
Lydia Haddow
Louise Haddow
Julia Haddow
Eleanor Haddow
Cathrine Haddow
Georgina Haddow
Beatrice Haddow
Florence Haddow
Nellie Haddow
Euphemia Haddow
Maria Haddow
Lucy Haddow
Elzbth. Haddow
Louisa Haddow
Lilly Haddow
Elisabeth Haddow
Janet Haddow
Isabella Haddow
Cath Haddow
Susan Haddow
Frances Haddow
Annie Haddow
Rebekah Haddow

Top occupations

Agricultural Laborer
Iron Miner
Engine Fitter
General Laborer
Ag Laborer
Grocers Commercial Traveller
Genl Labourers Wife
Genl Labourer
Hairdresser & Licensed Victualer
Housemaid Domestic Servant
Labourer In Iron Works
Ladies Maid Domestic Servant
Railway Clerk
Private Bedfordshire Militia
Plaiter (Straw)
Plain Needleworker
Paper Stainer
Page Boy
No Occupation
Musical Profesion
Master (School)
Marine Engineer
General Servant (Domestic)
General Labourer
Clerk Unemployed
Clerk Soap Works
Carpenter & Joiner
Butcher & Higler
Beer House Keeper
Clothes Mangler
Coal Miner
General Gardener (N D)
Gardeners Wife
Farmer Of 30 Acres Employing 1 Man 1 Boy
Dressmaker &c
Drapers Cashier
Domestic Servant General