Goodhart in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Goodhart
James Goodhart
Harry Goodhart
Philip Goodhart
Joseph Goodhart
Heron Goodhart
Henry Goodhart
Ernest Goodhart
Alfred Goodhart
Leislie Goodhart
Herbert Goodhart
Emanuel Goodhart
Arthur Goodhart

Top female forenames

Alice Goodhart
Vera.A. Goodhart
Nina Goodhart
Janet Goodhart
Emma Goodhart
Elizabeth Goodhart
Charlotte Goodhart
Annie Goodhart
Alicia Goodhart
Adelaide Goodhart
Sussanah Goodhart
Mary Goodhart
Isabella Goodhart
Emily Goodhart
Eliza Goodhart
Caroline Goodhart
Amy Goodhart

Top occupations

Coachman Dom
Shipping Merchant
Rectors Wife
Rector Of Wetherden Suffolk (Ma)
Physcians Wife
Physcians Son
Physcian M.D.Aberdeen F.R.C.S. Lon
No Occ
Lead Smelter (Manf)
Incumbent Of St Barnabas M.A.
Wood Carver (Wood)