Feest in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Feest
George Feest
Arthur Feest
Jim Feest
John Feest
James Feest
Herbert Feest
Francis Feest
David Feest
Thomas Feest
Richard Feest
Lab Feest
Horace Feest
Harry Feest
Frederick Feest
Ernest Feest
Charles Feest
Sidney Feest
Leonard Feest

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Feest
Fanny Feest
Sarah Feest
Edith Feest
Beatrice Feest
Amy Feest
Lillie Feest
Kate Feest
Jane Feest
Florence Feest
Emma Feest
Eliza Feest
Blanch Feest
Ann Feest
Louisa Feest
Larina Feest
Jenny Feest
Harriett Feest

Top occupations

Labourer Ag
Grocers Assistant
Greengrocer (Master)
Wife Of Brewer
Telegraph Messenger (C S)
Stonemason Wife
Retired Grocer Living With Son
Retired Farmer
Ag Lab
General Shop Keeper
Gen Lab
Engine Fitter
Decorators Apprentice
Coach Maker
Coach Builder