Falcon in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Falcon
William Falcon
Robert Falcon
Thomas Falcon
Michael Falcon
George Falcon
Charles Falcon
Joseph Falcon
Archibald Falcon
Wm. Falcon
Lue Falcon
Henry Falcon
Guy Falcon
Richard Falcon
Francis Falcon
Peter Falcon
Duncan Falcon
Nicholas Falcon
Matthew Falcon
Albert Falcon
James Falcon
Wright Falcon
Harry Falcon
Gordon Falcon
Frank Falcon
R.S. Falcon
Edward Falcon
Patsey Falcon
Christopher Falcon

Top female forenames

Mary Falcon
Elizabeth Falcon
Jane Falcon
Margaret Falcon
Isabella Falcon
Sarah Falcon
Blanche Falcon
Anne Falcon
Emily Falcon
Edith Falcon
Annie Falcon
Isabel Falcon
Ann Falcon
Hannah Falcon
Fanny Falcon
Ellen Falcon
Margret Falcon
Eleanor Falcon
M. Falcon
Dora Falcon
Joanna Falcon
Catherine Falcon
Isabell Falcon
Irene Falcon
Alice Falcon
Sophia Falcon
Grace Falcon
Priscilla Falcon
Maria Falcon
Louisa Falcon
D. Falcon
Jessie Falcon
Caroline Falcon

Top occupations

Woollen Worker
Burler (Woollen)
Cooper Apprentice
Woollen Weaver
Rector Of Charlton M.A.
Railway Lab
Railway Clerk
Perpetual Curate
No Occupation
Out Of Practice (No Occ)
Not Known
Retired Farmer (No Occ)
Rector Of Sulhamstead
Widow Of M D
Solicitors Certicled Clerk (Law Stud)
Cloth Finisher (Woollen)
Retired Solicitor
Retired Merchant
Magistrate Solicitor Retired
Late Land 6th R A Regt
Cooper Wife
Bankers Clerk
Commercial Traveller
Coal Miner
Clergymans Wife
Boot And Shoe Maker
Dress Maker
Landed Proprietress
Land Agent
Inn Keeper
Independent Fortune Frm Pension List
From Dividends
Farmer 100 Acres Employing 3 Men & 1 Boy
Farm Servant
Bargee Or Lighterman