Elderkin in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Elderkin
John Elderkin
Thomas Elderkin
Henry Elderkin
George Elderkin
Benjamin Elderkin
James Elderkin
Charles Elderkin
Edward Elderkin
Daniel Elderkin
Joseph Elderkin
Alfred Elderkin
Isaac Elderkin
Frederick Elderkin
Ernest Elderkin
Samuel Elderkin
Richard Elderkin
Mary Elderkin
Jonathen Elderkin
Arthur Elderkin
Jas. Elderkin
Adolphus Elderkin
Harrison Elderkin
Edwin Elderkin
Robert Elderkin
Percy Elderkin
Bertram Elderkin
B. Elderkin
Wm. Elderkin
Vincent Elderkin

Top female forenames

Mary Elderkin
Sarah Elderkin
Elizabeth Elderkin
Annie Elderkin
Ann Elderkin
Louisa Elderkin
Ellen Elderkin
Clara Elderkin
Emma Elderkin
Harriet Elderkin
Florence Elderkin
Catherine Elderkin
Margaret Elderkin
Emily Elderkin
Eliza Elderkin
Maria Elderkin
Susan Elderkin
Lydia Elderkin
Silvia Elderkin
Ada Elderkin
Jane Elderkin
Frances Elderkin
Charlotte Elderkin
Florance Elderkin
Betsy Elderkin
Ettey Elderkin
Winifred Elderkin
Anne Elderkin
Maggy Elderkin
Sophia Elderkin
Silora Elderkin
Adelaide Elderkin
Kate Elderkin
Rosina Elderkin
A. Elderkin
Helen Elderkin
Elenoar Elderkin
Rebecca Elderkin
Edith Elderkin
Phebe Elderkin
Georgina Elderkin
Milinda Elderkin
Martha Elderkin
Fanny Elderkin
Emmily Elderkin
Annah Elderkin
Alice Elderkin
Katherine Elderkin
Elizah. Elderkin
Roselina Elderkin

Top occupations

Ag Lab
General Labourer
Railway Lab
Ironstone Miner
Baker & Corn Merchant
Labourer Coal Tipps
General Lab
General Domestic Servant
Game Keeper Domestic Servant
Formerly Dressmaker
Farm Labourer
Coal Merchant Daur
Iron Stone Miner
Inn Keeper Wife
House Maid Domestic Serv
Horse Driver (Carter)
Groom (ND)
Grocers Wife
Grocer And Baker (Employing 1 Boy)
Inn Keeper
General Servant Domestic
General Porter
Domestic Servant (Genl)
Cabinet Maker (Apprentice)
Bricklayer's wife
Book Sewer Bk Bind
Bicycle Dealer
Bakers Assistant
Assistant Teacher (Nat. School)
Agricultural Laborer
Ag Labr
Certificated Teacher (School)
Day Laborer (Farm)
Corn Miller Wife
Corn Miller
Corn Merchant & Salesman
Corn Merchant
Cook Domestic Serv
Coal Merchant Wife
Coal Merchant