Dunderdale in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Dunderdale
William Dunderdale
Thomas Dunderdale
Richard Dunderdale
James Dunderdale
Joseph Dunderdale
Robert Dunderdale
George Dunderdale
David Dunderdale
Charles Dunderdale
Henry Dunderdale
Edwin Dunderdale
Wm. Dunderdale
Walter Dunderdale
Samuel Dunderdale
Arthur Dunderdale
Christopher Dunderdale
Matthias Dunderdale
Ernest Dunderdale
Thos. Dunderdale
Peter Dunderdale
Mathias Dunderdale
Frederick Dunderdale
Willm. Dunderdale
Lelen Dunderdale
Fred Dunderdale
Tom Dunderdale
Job Dunderdale
Ruben Dunderdale
Hy.G. Dunderdale
Albert Dunderdale
Nathaniel Dunderdale
Fredrick Dunderdale
Levi Dunderdale
Fred. Dunderdale
Willie Dunderdale
Joshua Dunderdale
Edroy Dunderdale
Jarvis Dunderdale
Curtis Dunderdale
Isaac Dunderdale
Chrisr. Dunderdale
Herbert Dunderdale
Harry Dunderdale
Milburn Dunderdale
G.B.W. Dunderdale

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Dunderdale
Mary Dunderdale
Sarah Dunderdale
Ann Dunderdale
Ellen Dunderdale
Jane Dunderdale
Margaret Dunderdale
Annie Dunderdale
Alice Dunderdale
Hannah Dunderdale
Emma Dunderdale
Eliza Dunderdale
Martha Dunderdale
Ada Dunderdale
Isabella Dunderdale
Grace Dunderdale
Florence Dunderdale
Maria Dunderdale
Frances Dunderdale
Esther Dunderdale
Edith Dunderdale
Sophia Dunderdale
Agnes Dunderdale
Judith Dunderdale
Betty Dunderdale
Rose Dunderdale
Lilly Dunderdale
Ethel Dunderdale
Catherine Dunderdale
Betsy Dunderdale
Harriet Dunderdale
Lydia Dunderdale
Clara Dunderdale
Emily Dunderdale
Susannah Dunderdale
Margery Dunderdale
Betsey Dunderdale
Eleanor Dunderdale
Marg. Dunderdale
Rachael Dunderdale
Mabel Dunderdale
Georgina Dunderdale
Nancy Dunderdale
Dinah Dunderdale
Lucy Dunderdale
Milly Dunderdale
Daisy Dunderdale
Maryan Dunderdale
Chris Dunderdale
Kate Dunderdale

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Farmers Son
Cotton Spinner
Retired Farmer
Linen Winder
Farmers Wife
Domestic Servant
Joint Farmer Of 330 Acres
Cotton Winder
House Keeper
Farm Servant (Indoor)
House Painter
Farmers Daur
Licensed Victualler Inn Keeper
Licensed Victualler Inn Keeper Daur
Machinist (Und)
Railway Signalman
Commercial Traveller
Engine Fitter
Railway Porter
Reeler Worsted Yarn
Servant (Dom)
Railway Clerk
Licensed Victualler
Ag Lab
Worsted Mill Hand
Blue Slater
Bookbinder General Hand
Boot And Shoemake Wife
Clerk At Brewery
Chambermaid (Domestic Serv) (Inn)
Circular Sawyer
Clerk In Wd Mill
Clerk Commacial