Doolittle in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Doolittle
William Doolittle
George Doolittle
Richard Doolittle
James Doolittle
John Doolittle
Arthur Doolittle
Edward Doolittle

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Doolittle
Mary Doolittle
Prudentia Doolittle
Sarah Doolittle
Jane Doolittle
Hyacinth Doolittle
Alicia Doolittle
Susannah Doolittle
Rose Doolittle
Isabella Doolittle
Hannah Doolittle
Ann Doolittle

Top occupations

Farmers Daur
Schoolmistress English
Ships Broker
Servant (Dom)
Schoolmistress Music
Innkeepers Wife
Innkeeper And Cordwainer
General Laborer
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 74 Acres 1 Man
Farmer Of 50 Acres
F Nephew
Worsted Weaver