Dealey in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Dealey
James Dealey
John Dealey
Thomas Dealey
Joseph Dealey
Samuel Dealey
Alfred Dealey
Frederick Dealey
Stephen Dealey
George Dealey
Edward Dealey
Andrew Dealey
Albert Dealey
Daniel Dealey
Charles Dealey
Robert Dealey
Percy Dealey
Owen Dealey
Frances Dealey
Martin Dealey
Cuthbert Dealey
Jim Dealey
Jesse Dealey
Herbert Dealey
Harold Dealey
Peter Dealey
Geo. Dealey
Patrick Dealey
Francis Dealey
Michael Dealey
Edwin Dealey
Josiah Dealey
Willie Dealey
Jethro Dealey
Thos. Dealey
Henry Dealey

Top female forenames

Mary Dealey
Jane Dealey
Ellen Dealey
Elizabeth Dealey
Eliza Dealey
Annie Dealey
Catherine Dealey
Ruth Dealey
Fanny Dealey
Martha Dealey
Margaret Dealey
Hannah Dealey
Anne Dealey
Lydia Dealey
Dorothee Dealey
Katie Dealey
Isabella Dealey
Bridget Dealey
Susanna Dealey
Harriet Dealey
Francis Dealey
Ann Dealey
Rose Dealey
A. Dealey
Maud Dealey
Emily Dealey
Edith Dealey
Keate Dealey
Charlotte Dealey
C. Dealey
Helena Dealey
Anny Dealey
Selena Dealey
Rowsey Dealey
Frances Dealey
Alice Dealey
Minnie Dealey
Ethel Dealey
Maria Dealey

Top occupations

Coal Miner
No Occupation
Bricklayers Laborer
Straw Plaitter
Junior Clerk
Pot Carrier
Jewellers Porter
Iron Plate Shearer
Iron Lab Wife
Iron Lab
Housekeeper (Dom)
Provision Shop Keeper
Labourer General
Licensed Hawker
Plaiter Straw
Plaiter (Straw)
Painter Apprentice
Private 2nd Surrey Militia
Mould Maker (Potter)
Millwright Apprentice
Marl Labourer (Clay)
General Laborer
General Lab
Coach Painter
Chapel Keeper
Brewers Labourer
Boy 1st Class
Wife Of Assistant Bank Manager
B 1 Cl
Assistant Bank Manager
Artist (Painter)
Commercial Clerk
Cotton Operative
General Hawker
Gardeners Lab
Forewoman Milliner
Fireman (22/2)
Engine Fitter
Domestic Serv
Cotton Stripper & Grinder