Cutcliffe in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cutcliffe
William Cutcliffe
George Cutcliffe
Charles Cutcliffe
Richard Cutcliffe
Edward Cutcliffe
Nicholas Cutcliffe
Thomas Cutcliffe
Isaac Cutcliffe
Frederick Cutcliffe
Edwin Cutcliffe
Samuel Cutcliffe
Joseph Cutcliffe
Wm. Cutcliffe
Henry Cutcliffe
Geo. Cutcliffe
Sydney Cutcliffe
Richd. Cutcliffe
Ethelbert Cutcliffe
Mark Cutcliffe
Edgar Cutcliffe
Jacob Cutcliffe
Alfred Cutcliffe
Horace Cutcliffe
Willm.J. Cutcliffe
Fredk. Cutcliffe
Frances Cutcliffe
Ernest Cutcliffe
Montague Cutcliffe
Digby Cutcliffe
Jno.Edw. Cutcliffe
Barnet Cutcliffe

Top female forenames

Mary Cutcliffe
Ann Cutcliffe
Elizabeth Cutcliffe
Louisa Cutcliffe
Eliza Cutcliffe
Ellen Cutcliffe
Jane Cutcliffe
Edith Cutcliffe
Florence Cutcliffe
Sarah Cutcliffe
Selina Cutcliffe
Annie Cutcliffe
Ada Cutcliffe
Emily Cutcliffe
Harriet Cutcliffe
Agnes Cutcliffe
Emma Cutcliffe
Laura Cutcliffe
Susanna Cutcliffe
Julia Cutcliffe
Ruth Cutcliffe
Henrietta Cutcliffe
Christiana Cutcliffe
Rebecca Cutcliffe
Helena Cutcliffe
Polly Cutcliffe
Gertrude Cutcliffe
Minne Cutcliffe
Alice Cutcliffe
Maria Cutcliffe
Esther Cutcliffe
Thirza Cutcliffe
Kitty Cutcliffe
Elizabth. Cutcliffe
Sophia Cutcliffe
Johanna Cutcliffe
Irving Cutcliffe
Crthn. Cutcliffe
Rose Cutcliffe
Henrettia Cutcliffe
Blanch Cutcliffe
Rachel Cutcliffe
Anne Cutcliffe
Nellie Cutcliffe
Florrie Cutcliffe
Amelia Cutcliffe
Fanny Cutcliffe
Margaret Cutcliffe

Top occupations

Farmer Son
Eating House Keeper
Ship Carpenter
Grocers Assistant
M.P.S. Of G Britain And Dentist Surgeon
Holder Of Dividends
Housekeeper (AST)
Housemaid Domestic Serv
Income Derived From Lands
Income From Land & Houses
Miller (Artz)
Insurance Agent
Just. Of The Peace, Aldermn, Guardn Of The Poor, Pres Of Work Mens Inst
Parlour Maid (Domestic)
Member Of Royal College Of Sergeons
Parlour Maid
Lace Worker
Monthly Nurse
Lodging House Keeper
Labr In Stone Yard (Dresser)
Groom (Domestic Servant)
Chiropodist (Sub Med)
Chief Mate Officers Wife M Service
Bread Baker
Assistant To Parents (Inn Serv)
Assistant At Fancy Shop
Assayers Asst
Domestic Servant (General)
General Serv
General Labourer
Farmer Wife
Farmer Of 230 Acres
Farmer Of 100 Acres
Farmer Daur
Farm Lab