Corber in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Corber
William Corber
Alfred Corber
George Corber
Samuel Corber
Lewis Corber
Henry Corber
Ernest Corber
Benjamin Corber
Thomas Corber
Alexander Corber
James Corber
Fredric Corber
Frederic Corber
Edwin Corber
Soloman Corber
Albert Corber
Richard Corber
Horace Corber
Frederick Corber

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Corber
Sarah Corber
Mary Corber
Annie Corber
Alice Corber
Ellen Corber
Susannah Corber
Maryann Corber
Martha Corber
Lydia Corber
Jane Corber
Florence Corber
Caroline Corber
Anne Corber
Matilda Corber
Agatha Corber
Maria Corber
Lucy Corber
Frances Corber
Emma Corber

Top occupations

Farm Labourer
Domestic Serv
Cigar Maker
Inn Keeper
Late ? Farmer
Journeyman Farrier
No Employment
Pipe Layer
Retired Lady
Small Farmer & Wood Dealer
Smith General
Char Woman
Chief Clerk French Embassy
Clerk (General Merchant)
Commcl Clerk Silk Trade
Cook Domestic
Domestic Servant
Farm Laborer
Farm Labourers Wife
Farmer of 90 Acres
Farmer Serv Indoor
Farmers Son ((Employed On Farm))
General Labourer