Comyns in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Wm. Comyns
Charles Comyns
Joseph Comyns
James Comyns
Arthur Comyns
Francis Comyns
Thomas Comyns
Henry Comyns
William Comyns
Albt. Comyns
John Comyns
Herbert Comyns
Gerald Comyns
Fredk. Comyns
Richard Comyns
Algernon Comyns
Oswald Comyns
Alexander Comyns
George Comyns
Frank Comyns
Douglas Comyns
Sidney Comyns
Patrick Comyns
Alfd. Comyns
Louis Comyns

Top female forenames

Sarah Comyns
Elizabeth Comyns
Fanny Comyns
Emma Comyns
Grace Comyns
Maria Comyns
Caroline Comyns
Agnes Comyns
Hy.Jas. Comyns
Hariet Comyns
Evelin Comyns
Emily Comyns
Mildred Comyns
Edath Comyns
Kate Comyns
Hilda Comyns
Gwendoline Comyns
Sophia Comyns
Ellen Comyns
Phebe Comyns
Eleanor Comyns
Mary Comyns
Cecilia Comyns
Lena Comyns

Top occupations

Annuitant (...)
Land Surveyor
Manufacturing Silversmith Employing 6 Men & 5 Boys
Marine Engineers Wife
Mealmans Assistant
No Occupation
Proprietor Of Houses
Retired Farmer
Schoolmaster Assistant
Student (Theol)
Teacher Of Music
Labourer In Iron Foundry
House Property
Grocer Apprentice
Bacon & Cheese Factor Mealman
Bank Clerk
Barrister In Practice
Chemist Apprentice
Clerk Admiralty Office
Clerk At G P O
Clerk Builders
Clerk London City
Clerk Vicar
Clerk Wife
Corporal R M L I
Farm Labr
Farm Labr Wife
Time Keeper (Undef)