Comins in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Comins
William Comins
Thomas Comins
George Comins
Henry Comins
James Comins
Frederick Comins
Albert Comins
Robert Comins
Charles Comins
Edward Comins
Benjamin Comins
Leak Comins
Arthur Comins
Isaac Comins
Wm. Comins
Hedley Comins
Williams Comins
Tom Comins
Sidney Comins
Ernest Comins
Maltby Comins
Authur Comins
Alfred Comins
Jacob Comins
Wingate Comins
Harry Comins
Geo. Comins
Frank Comins
Robt.W. Comins
Morris Comins

Top female forenames

Mary Comins
Sarah Comins
Annie Comins
Susan Comins
Ann Comins
Elizabeth Comins
Alice Comins
Ellen Comins
Lettice Comins
Eliza Comins
Catherine Comins
Ruth Comins
Priscilla Comins
Margaret Comins
Louisa Comins
Grace Comins
Olive Comins
Florrey Comins
Amelia Comins
Esther Comins
Lucy Comins
Lilly Comins
Elizbth Comins
Kate Comins
Clara Comins
Harriett Comins
Hannah Comins
Betsey Comins
Gertrude Comins
May Comins
Fanny Comins
Allice Comins
Emily Comins
Elizth. Comins
Lilian Comins
Lavinia Comins
Edith Comins
Jane Comins
Charlotte Comins
Harriet Comins
Betsy Comins
Rose Comins

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Licensed Victualler
Dom Servt
Coach Body Maker
Ironmonger &c
Footman (Dom Serv)
Gateman (Pointman)
Genl Labourer
Green Grocer
Grocers Errand Boy
Groom (N D)
House Decorator
House Painter
Dress Maker
Ironmonger Retired
Job Master (L W Stable ...)
Labor Genrl
Whipper In (Huntsman)
Licensed Publican
Licensed Victuallers Wife
(General Servt) (Domestic)
Coal Miner
Boarding House Keeper
Boat Maker & Shopkeeper
Bootmaker Empl 1 Man
Bricklayers Laborer
Cabinet Maker
Coach Painter
Farmer & Miller
Commercial Clerk To Wholesale Stationer
Commercial Travlr Cigars & Tobacco
Dairyman (Ag Lab)
Dom Serv
Domestic Servt
Draper (Unemployed)
Draper Grocer
Drapers Assistant
Bank Clerk