Claughton in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Claughton
John Claughton
Joseph Claughton
Thomas Claughton
George Claughton
James Claughton
Nathaniel Claughton
Arthur Claughton
Albert Claughton
Henry Claughton
Alfred Claughton
Samuel Claughton
Walter Claughton
Hugh Claughton
Harry Claughton
Fred Claughton
Tom Claughton
Abraham Claughton
Edward Claughton
Willie Claughton
Reuben Claughton
Joshua Claughton
Thompson Claughton
Jacob Claughton
Edwin Claughton
Sidney Claughton
Harris Claughton
Leonard Claughton
Freddy Claughton
Francis Claughton
Smith Claughton
Eilad Claughton
Siers Claughton
J.Dawson Claughton
Seth Claughton
Dawson Claughton
Saml. Claughton
Benjamin Claughton
Wilfred Claughton
Mary Claughton
Gilbert Claughton
W. Claughton
Alan Claughton
Frederick Claughton
Jonathan Claughton
Stephen Claughton
Jessie Claughton
Ernest Claughton
Simeon Claughton
Isaac Claughton

Top female forenames

Mary Claughton
Sarah Claughton
Elizabeth Claughton
Hannah Claughton
Emma Claughton
Ann Claughton
Jane Claughton
Ellen Claughton
Ada Claughton
Margaret Claughton
Emily Claughton
Ruth Claughton
Annie Claughton
Martha Claughton
Eliza Claughton
Harriet Claughton
Alice Claughton
Edith Claughton
Clara Claughton
Sophia Claughton
Lily Claughton
Eva Claughton
Lois Claughton
Florence Claughton
Anna Claughton
Julia Claughton
Isabell Claughton
Marie Claughton
Hilda Claughton
Helena Claughton
Zyel Claughton
M.D. Claughton
Temperance Claughton
Lucetta Claughton
Francis Claughton
Celia Claughton
Fanny Claughton
Catharine Claughton
Leah Claughton
Rose Claughton
Laura Claughton
Myra Claughton
Emiley Claughton
Agnes Claughton
Isabel Claughton
Elizh.A. Claughton
Maria Claughton
Henrietta Claughton
Maggie Claughton
Zilpah Claughton

Top occupations

Woollen Weaver
Woollen Cloth Weaver
Wool Weaver
Coal Miner
Cloth Weaver
Worsted Weaver
Domestic Servant
Woollen Millhand
Landed Proprietor
Woollen Mule Piecer
Cotton Warp Dresser
Engine ((Turner)) At Works (Smith)
Woollen Spinner
Gnl Lab
Grainer Painter
H M Inspector Of Schools B.A. Oxford University (CSO)
Hair Dresser
Knottor Of Woollen Cloth
House Duties
Joiner Unemployed
Ironer (Wash)
Interest Of Money
House Painter
Income Derived From Property
Cook Domestic Serv
Boot & Shoe Manufacturer Employing 20 Men & 7 Boys
Clerk Comml (Drapery)
Clogger (Mkr)
Cloth Finisher
Cloth Manufacturer
Cloth Piecer (Woollen)
Drapers Joint Occupiers
Dress Maker
Engine ((Fitter)) At Works (Smith)
Engine Fitter
Engine Tenter