Chellew in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Chellew
Thomas Chellew
John Chellew
Richard Chellew
George Chellew
Samuel Chellew
James Chellew
Joseph Chellew
Walter Chellew
Benjamin Chellew
Harry Chellew
Arthur Chellew
Simon Chellew
Henry Chellew
Harold Chellew
Simion Chellew
Robert Chellew
Matthew Chellew
J.Simmon Chellew

Top female forenames

Mary Chellew
Elizabeth Chellew
Jane Chellew
Grace Chellew
Charlotte Chellew
Margaret Chellew
Ann Chellew
Agnes Chellew
Sarah Chellew
Nancie Chellew
Caroline Chellew
Annie Chellew
Johannah Chellew
Alice Chellew
Susan Chellew
Rebecca Chellew
Catherine Chellew
Bessie Chellew
Josephine Chellew
Honor Chellew
Edith Chellew
Christan Chellew
Martha Chellew
Julia Chellew
Jael Chellew
Eliza Chellew
Dorcas Chellew
Christain Chellew
Marjery Chellew
Kate Chellew

Top occupations

Tin Miner
Farm Laborer
Farmer Son
Labourer Fuel Works Son
Farmers Wife
House Keeper
Dress Maker
Metals Refiner
Late Farmers Daughter
General Servt
General Servant (Domestic)
General Servant
General Clerk
Husband At Sea
Income From Houses
Master Mariner
Market Garden Labourer
Late Farmers Widow
Labourer Fuel WWorks Wife
Labourer Fuel Works
Farmers Widow
Farmers Son Employed on Farm
Engineer (& M)
Wood Broker Wife
Draper & Milliner
Domestic Serv
Dairy Woman (Ag) ((...))
Dairy Woman (Ag)
Dairy Man
At Home
Farm Laborers Wife
Farmer 40 Acres
Farmers Son
Farmers Niece
Farmers Daughter
Certified Schoolmistress
Farmer Of 80 Acres Employing 2 Laborers 2 Boys & 2 Girls
Farmer of 53 Acres
Farmer Of 40 Acres
Farmer Daur