Cavendish in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Cavendish
Henry Cavendish
George Cavendish
John Cavendish
Charles Cavendish
Thomas Cavendish
Edward Cavendish
Arthur Cavendish
James Cavendish
Frederick Cavendish
Richard Cavendish
Albert Cavendish
Robert Cavendish
Joseph Cavendish
H. Cavendish
Spencer Cavendish
Daniel Cavendish
Victor Cavendish
Hugh Cavendish
Cecil Cavendish
Tom Cavendish
Harry Cavendish
Sydney Cavendish
Frances Cavendish
Patrick Cavendish
F. Cavendish
Nigel Cavendish
Edwin Cavendish
Wm.H.A.G.D. Cavendish
Edith Cavendish
Tyrrell Cavendish
Benjamin Cavendish
Alfred Cavendish
Fredk. Cavendish
Richd.J. Cavendish
Frederic Cavendish
R. Cavendish
France Cavendish
Oscar Cavendish
Ernest Cavendish
Louis Cavendish
Willie Cavendish

Top female forenames

Mary Cavendish
Elizabeth Cavendish
Alice Cavendish
Ada Cavendish
Edith Cavendish
Catherine Cavendish
Susan Cavendish
Margaret Cavendish
Louisa Cavendish
Jane Cavendish
Susanna Cavendish
Hannah Cavendish
Rose Cavendish
Annie Cavendish
Maria Cavendish
Eleanor Cavendish
Harriett Cavendish
Georgina Cavendish
Ethel Cavendish
Anne Cavendish
Ellen Cavendish
Amy Cavendish
Eliza Cavendish
Elfrida Cavendish
Helen Cavendish
Sophie Cavendish
Caroline Cavendish
Evelyn Cavendish
Car. Cavendish
Prudence Cavendish
Emma Cavendish
May Cavendish
Emilie Cavendish
Ann Cavendish
Amelia Cavendish
Lucy Cavendish
Elinor Cavendish
Adalaid Cavendish
Lily Cavendish
Ianthe Cavendish
Christian Cavendish
Catharine Cavendish
Sarah Cavendish
Cara Cavendish
R. Cavendish
Beatrice Cavendish
Minnie Cavendish
Emily Cavendish

Top occupations

Farmers Son
((Farmers Daughter))
Farm Servant (Indoor)
General Servant
Daur Of Baron Chetham
Esquire Justice Of Peace
Earls Daughter
Dress Maker
Cotton Porter
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv (Page)
Farmer (of 110 Acres)
General Laborer Wife
General Laborer
Flag Lieut.
Farmer Wife
Farmer Son
Farmer of 25 Acres
Conjurer Performer Wife
Conjurer Performer Daughter
Cab Driver
Butcher Unemployed
Book Binder
Boatman (On Seas)
Blacksmiths Labourer
Baking Powder Packer
Wine Merchant
Cheesemongers Assistant Unemployed
Conjurer Performer
Coal Miner
Clerk In Register Genl Dep (Now Queens Messenger)
Clerk Commercial
Clerk Coll Office Inland Rev (C S)
Civil Service Police Department CSO
Cigar Merchant Wife
Cigar Merchant