Callon in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Callon
Thomas Callon
William Callon
James Callon
Joseph Callon
Charles Callon
Richard Callon
Henry Callon
Walter Callon
Wm. Callon
Alfred Callon
Frederick Callon
Arthur Callon
Patrick Callon
Edward Callon
Robert Callon
Daniel Callon
Austin Callon
Albert Callon
Herbert Callon
Harry Callon
Warner Callon
Francis Callon
Dennis Callon
Bamford Callon
Michel Callon
Atles Callon
Horace Callon
Peter Callon
Bryan Callon
Owen Callon

Top female forenames

Mary Callon
Ann Callon
Elizabeth Callon
Margaret Callon
Sarah Callon
Jane Callon
Annie Callon
Ellen Callon
Catherine Callon
Eliza Callon
Alice Callon
Harriet Callon
Agnes Callon
Isabella Callon
Cecily Callon
Bertha Callon
Fanny Callon
Anne Callon
Emily Callon
Martha Callon
Louisa Callon
Susannah Callon
Anna Callon
Rebecca Callon
Angela Callon
Edith Callon
Jemima Callon
Diana Callon
Gertrude Callon
Theodore Callon
Frances Callon
Rosa Callon
Rachel Callon
Eliz. Callon
Dinah Callon
Christiana Callon
Cecilia Callon
William Callon
Francis Callon
Betsy Callon
Florence Callon
Sabina Callon
Emma Callon

Top occupations

No Occupation
Cotton Weaver
Coal Miner
Errand Boy
Domestic Servant
Miners Wife
School Boy (Sch)
Gen Labourer
Bricklayers Labourer
Gen Dom Serv
Fancy Trimming Maker
Gardeners Domestic Servant
Fustian Cutter
Foreman Engineer Chemical Wks (Eng Drv)
Farm Servant (In Door)
Doubler In Cotton Mill
Drapers Assistant
Engineer Out Of Employment (E & M)
Gardener (D)
Engineer Water Works
Engineers Labourer (E & M)
Fancy Box Maker
Farm Serv Domestic (Indoor)
Clerk In Smallware Warehouse
Doffer In Cotton Mill
Apprentice (To Hairdresser)
Assistant To Cattle Dealer
Baker Of Bread
Bolt Maker
Book Keeper
Boy Soldier
Clerk In Wholsale Straw (Straw)
Clerk W Water Co
Coal Miner Wife
Cook Domestic Servant
Cotton Dyers Finisher
Cotton Ruler
Dk. Labourer