Calderwood in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Calderwood
George Calderwood
William Calderwood
Robert Calderwood
James Calderwood
Wm. Calderwood
Andrew Calderwood
Thomas Calderwood
Hugh Calderwood
Samuel Calderwood
Robt. Calderwood
David Calderwood
Alexander Calderwood
Henry Calderwood
Charles Calderwood
Adam Calderwood
Hezekiah Calderwood
Hendry Calderwood
Tom Calderwood
Frederick Calderwood
Edwin Calderwood
Peter Calderwood
Arthur Calderwood
Thos. Calderwood
Francis Calderwood
Edward Calderwood
Maggie Calderwood
Jas. Calderwood
Isariah Calderwood

Top female forenames

Mary Calderwood
Elizabeth Calderwood
Jane Calderwood
Margaret Calderwood
Ellen Calderwood
Ann Calderwood
Janet Calderwood
Beatrice Calderwood
Alice Calderwood
Martha Calderwood
Sarah Calderwood
Florence Calderwood
Margt. Calderwood
Christiana Calderwood
Maria Calderwood
Catherine Calderwood
Isabella Calderwood
Rachel Calderwood
Agnes Calderwood
Marion Calderwood
Lily Calderwood
Elenor Calderwood
June Calderwood
Caroline Calderwood
Sarahami Calderwood
Isabell Calderwood
Robertina Calderwood
Harriett Calderwood
Maud Calderwood
Frances Calderwood
Fanny Calderwood
Elleanor Calderwood
Elisabeth Calderwood
Laura Calderwood
E.P. Calderwood
Scoti Calderwood
Bettsy Calderwood
Isabel Calderwood
Annie Calderwood
Hannah Calderwood
Allison Calderwood

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Domestic Servant
Weaver Cotton Mill
Cotton Winder
Engine Fitter
General Servant
Drapers Assistant
Boiler Maker
Laborer At Gas Works
Farmer Of 29 Acres
Errand Boy
Loft Goods Merchant
Engine Turner
Cop Winder (Woollen Mill)
Laborer At Foundry
Farrier Sergt
Journeyman Tailor
House Painter
Hand Loom Weaver
Grocers Assistant
Glass Blower
Ironmongers Asst
General Labourer
Gen Day Labourer
Fret Cutter
Iron Founders Foreman
Drapers Apprentice
Card Room Hand (C)
Calico Printers Wife
Calico Printer
Worsted Rover
Beamer (Cotton Mill) (Ma)
Cigar Box Maker
Draper Wife
Draper Retired
Draftsman Orde Surveyor
Domestic Servant (Unemployed)
Cotton Opperative
Cook Domestic Serv
Cook Domestic
Comercial Traveller