Burrington in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Burrington
William Burrington
Thomas Burrington
Robert Burrington
John Burrington
Gilbert Burrington
Frank Burrington
Walter Burrington
Alfred Burrington
Francis Burrington
Edwin Burrington
Percy Burrington
Cecil Burrington
Benjamin Burrington
Jack Burrington
G. Burrington
Fred. Burrington
Ernest Burrington
Edward Burrington
Louis Burrington
Blythe Burrington
James Burrington
Arthur Burrington
Henry Burrington
Frederick Burrington
Fred Burrington
Wesley Burrington

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Burrington
Sarah Burrington
Ann Burrington
Jane Burrington
Ellen Burrington
Eliza Burrington
Kate Burrington
Annie Burrington
Mary Burrington
Maria Burrington
Bessie Burrington
Charlotte Burrington
Julia Burrington
Alice Burrington
Susanna Burrington
Harriett Burrington
Rosina Burrington
Flor.Mabel Burrington
Nancy Burrington
Dorothy Burrington
Lucy Burrington
Juliana Burrington
Anne Burrington
Jessie Burrington
Amelia Burrington
Helen Burrington
Georgiana Burrington
Nellie Burrington
Emily Burrington
Milly Burrington
Marie Burrington
Edith Burrington
Margaret Burrington

Top occupations

Independant Means
Journeyman Tailor
Ironmongers Clerk
General Porter
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 200 Acres Emp 5 Lab
Farmer Of 157 Acres Employing 2 Labourers
Labourer H M Dockyard
Lady Annuitant
Straw Hat Sewer
Stay Presser (Mkr)
School Master
Railway Porter
Professor Of Music
Professor & School Mistress
Maid Domestic
Leather Cutter ... Boot Maker
Farm Labourer
Engine Driver With Thashing Machine
Brewers Labourer
Boot & Shoe Dealer
Book Binder
Bank Manager
Assistant Engine Fitter Keyham Yard
Assistant ...(Fishmonger)
Art Student
Agl Labr
Accountant Wife
Accountant In Insurance Office
Brush Manufacturer
Butcher & Drover
Draper Assistant
Currier & Leather Merch
Cotton Weaver
Cook Domestic
Cabinet Maker
Butchers Wife
Butchers Daur