Burditt in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Burditt
William Burditt
Charles Burditt
George Burditt
Alfred Burditt
Joseph Burditt
Thomas Burditt
Samuel Burditt
Henry Burditt
Isaac Burditt
James Burditt
David Burditt
Arthur Burditt
Wm. Burditt
Walter Burditt
Benjamin Burditt
Harry Burditt
Edward Burditt
Albert Burditt
Stephen Burditt
Robert Burditt
Frederick Burditt
Leonard Burditt
Francis Burditt
Jonathan Burditt
Ebenezer Burditt
Joh Burditt
Daniel Burditt
Tom Burditt
Amos Burditt
Geo. Burditt
Richard Burditt
Fredric Burditt
Mark Burditt
Fred Burditt
Jno. Burditt
Wallace Burditt
Thos.Bertram Burditt
Hary Burditt
Fredrick Burditt
Oscar Burditt

Top female forenames

Mary Burditt
Sarah Burditt
Elizabeth Burditt
Ann Burditt
Emma Burditt
Jane Burditt
Eliza Burditt
Alice Burditt
Martha Burditt
Lucy Burditt
Ellen Burditt
Anne Burditt
Charlotte Burditt
Fanny Burditt
Emily Burditt
Clara Burditt
Ada Burditt
Hannah Burditt
Caroline Burditt
Annie Burditt
Minnie Burditt
Esther Burditt
Agnes Burditt
Maria Burditt
Louisa Burditt
Susan Burditt
Lizzie Burditt
Rachel Burditt
Frances Burditt
Alma Burditt
Susanna Burditt
Lois Burditt
Sophia Burditt
Abigail Burditt
Lavinia Burditt
Selina Burditt
Rosina Burditt
Hannaretta Burditt
Catherine Burditt
Rosannah Burditt
Francis Burditt
Betsy Burditt
Olive Burditt
Florence Burditt
Ethel Burditt
Amelia Burditt
Elzth. Burditt
Shara Burditt
Julia Burditt
Edith Burditt

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Coal Miner
Agr Laborer
Errand Boy
Shoe Machinist
Shoe Rivetter
Ag Lb
Stay Maker
Farm Labourer
Labours Wife
Domestic Servant
Farm Laborer
Farmers Son
Hosiery Mender
Farmers Wife
Agricultural Labourer
No Occupation
Farmer Of 418 Acres Emp 7 Men 3 Boys
Farmer Of 123 Acres Employing 2 Men And 1 Boy
Worsted Factory Hand
Farmer 200 A Emp 5 Men 2 Boys
Farm Of 80 Acres Emps. 1 Man & 1 Boy
Farm Servant
Farmer And Grazier
Farmer (20 Acres)
Coach Smith
Coal Merchant
Colliery Labourer Wife
Cook Dom Servant
Cotton Winder
Counter Hand
Colliery Labourer
Carpenter & Joiner
Bricklayers Lab