Broadbelt in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Broadbelt
William Broadbelt
Robert Broadbelt
Charles Broadbelt
George Broadbelt
Arthur Broadbelt
James Broadbelt
Alfred Broadbelt
Peter Broadbelt
Henry Broadbelt
Edward Broadbelt
Sam Broadbelt
Richard Broadbelt
Willie Broadbelt
Tom Broadbelt
Frederick Broadbelt
Martin Broadbelt
Frank Broadbelt
Louis Broadbelt
Enoch Broadbelt
Wm. Broadbelt
Jonathan Broadbelt
Jno. Broadbelt
Daniel Broadbelt
Thomas Broadbelt
Herbert Broadbelt
Hawxwel Broadbelt Broadbelt
Fredk. Broadbelt
Fred Broadbelt
Mark Broadbelt
Ernest Broadbelt
Joseph Broadbelt
Edwin Broadbelt
Edgar Broadbelt
Charlie Broadbelt
Stephen Broadbelt
S.H. Broadbelt
Harvy Broadbelt
Alexander Broadbelt
Fredrick Broadbelt
Ralph Broadbelt

Top female forenames

Mary Broadbelt
Sarah Broadbelt
Annie Broadbelt
Elizabeth Broadbelt
Jane Broadbelt
Eliza Broadbelt
Hannah Broadbelt
Emma Broadbelt
Emily Broadbelt
Margaret Broadbelt
Harriet Broadbelt
Gertrude Broadbelt
Maria Broadbelt
Ann Broadbelt
Marie Broadbelt
Elizaboth Broadbelt
Lucy Broadbelt
Edith Broadbelt
Jessie Broadbelt
Charlotte Broadbelt
Isabella Broadbelt
Ada Broadbelt
Selina Broadbelt
Elizibth Broadbelt
Lydia Broadbelt
Eleanor Broadbelt
Louisa Broadbelt
Dorinda Broadbelt
Beatrice Broadbelt
Ida Broadbelt
(Mrs) Broadbelt
Sophia Broadbelt
Florence Broadbelt

Top occupations

Umbrella Trade
Late Seaman Greench.Pensr.
Ironmonger Grocer & Beer Seller
Husband Away
Grocer & Assistant Ironmonger
Hotel Manager
Highway Laborer Wife
Highway Laborer (Road)
House Decorator
Malsters Labourer
Pupil Teacher L S B
Pupil Teacher
Piece Marker (Cotton)
Overlooker Flax Mill
No Occupation
Master Plumber Employing 5 Men & 1 Boy
Master Bricklayer
Glass Bender (Mf)
General Servt Domestic
Domestic Serv Housemaid
Coal Laborer
Carter (Out Of Employ)
Bricklayer Wife
Boot Makers Wife
Boot Makers Son
Boot Maker Wesleyan L P
Drapers Assistant
Worsted Weaver
Engine Fitter
General Labourer
Gen Serv (Dom)
Gardeners Assist (N/D)
Gardener (N/D)
Formely General Laborer
Farmer 20 Acres
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Excavator Navvy