Bretton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bretton
William Bretton
Charles Bretton
George Bretton
Joseph Bretton
Henry Bretton
Thomas Bretton
Harry Bretton
Frank Bretton
Stephen Bretton
Peter Bretton
Benjamin Bretton
Arthur Bretton
Philip Bretton
Frederick Bretton
Edward Bretton
Augustus Bretton
Thos. Bretton
Gloucester Bretton
Saml. Bretton
Fredk. Bretton
Lawrence Bretton
Edwin Bretton
Edmund Bretton
Wm. Bretton
James Bretton
Ishmael Bretton
Walter Bretton
Henery Bretton
Harrison Bretton
Samuel Bretton
Oliver Bretton
Ernest Bretton
Job Bretton
Dennis Bretton
Willie Bretton
J. Bretton
Bob Bretton
Wiliam Bretton

Top female forenames

Mary Bretton
Elizabeth Bretton
Jane Bretton
Hannah Bretton
Alice Bretton
Sarah Bretton
Susan Bretton
Martha Bretton
Ann Bretton
Margaret Bretton
Emily Bretton
Florence Bretton
Amelia Bretton
Emma Bretton
Ellen Bretton
Ada Bretton
Eliza Bretton
Edith Bretton
Charlotte Bretton
Harriet Bretton
Annie Bretton
Sushannah Bretton
Alberta Bretton
Lilly Bretton
Jessie Bretton
Eleanor Bretton
Rosa Bretton
Isabel Bretton
Dinah Bretton
Rebecca Bretton
Harriett Bretton
Caroline Bretton
Minnie Bretton
Beatrice Bretton
Marianna Bretton
Esther Bretton
Mahala Bretton
Zetta Bretton
Livinia Bretton
Julia Bretton
Rosetta Bretton
Rhoda Bretton
Helen Bretton
Rachel Bretton
Blisse Bretton
Gertrude Bretton
Marianne Bretton
Flora Bretton
Ameliah Bretton
Emmeline Bretton

Top occupations

Coal Miner
General Labourer
Chair Maker
Employed At Home (Dom Ser)
Farm Labourer
Feather Curler
Trinity Man
Gold Chain Maker
Glass Worker
Mantle Maker
General Servant Domestic
Miller And Baker
Lodging House Keeper
Hay Carter (Ag Lab)
Lab Wife
Horse Keeper
House Decorator
Inn Keeper Dealer
House Duties
Farmer Of 12 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farm Steward (Bailiff)
Bailiff Son
Booksellers Clerk
Bar Maid
Bakers Wife
Bailiff Wife
Bailiff Daur
Assistant Draper
Cloth Weaver
Farm Labourers Wife
Farm Bailiff
Colliery Lamp Repairer
Domestic Serv General
Cook General Servant
Cook Domestic Servant
Cook Domestic
Coachman Dom Ser