Behrend in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Henry Behrend
George Behrend
Arthur Behrend
James Behrend
H. Behrend
Fredick. Behrend
Edward Behrend
William Behrend
D. Behrend
Ulfrew Behrend
Samuel Behrend
A. Behrend
Ludwig Behrend
Joseph Behrend
Ferdinand Behrend
David Behrend
Walter Behrend
Charles Behrend
Theodore Behrend
Alfred Behrend
Mason Behrend
Louis Behrend

Top female forenames

Amy Behrend
Maud Behrend
Olga Behrend
Lina Behrend
Hester Behrend
H. Behrend
Edith Behrend
Ada Behrend
Selina Behrend
Pipite Behrend
Hilda Behrend
Harriett Behrend
Elizh. Behrend
Caroline Behrend
Alice Behrend
Rachel Behrend

Top occupations

Furniture Broker
Hairdresser Assistant
Insurance Agent
Mariner (Cook)
Member Of Lon Stock Exchange
Solicitor M A L Huw
... Assistant To Mother
Fancy Trade Traveller
Assistant To Mother
At School
Clerk In His Father Business
Clerk In Lace Trade
Corn Merchant
Corn Merchant Son
Egyptian Merchant