Beggs in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Beggs
William Beggs
James Beggs
George Beggs
Thomas Beggs
Joseph Beggs
David Beggs
Robert Beggs
Charles Beggs
Richard Beggs
Wm. Beggs
Henry Beggs
Arthur Beggs
Hugh Beggs
Alfred Beggs
Samuel Beggs
Francis Beggs
Edward Beggs
Stephen Beggs
Hamilton Beggs
Geo.A. Beggs
Fred Beggs
Michael Beggs
Martin Beggs
Ephraim Beggs
Wm.Hy. Beggs
Jno.William Beggs
Benjamin Beggs
Will.H. Beggs
J.A. Beggs
Allan Beggs
T.J.W. Beggs
Albert Beggs
Sarah Beggs
Frederick Beggs
Peter Beggs
Frank Beggs
Matthew Beggs
Ernest Beggs
Lawrence Beggs
Wm.Brown Beggs

Top female forenames

Mary Beggs
Elizabeth Beggs
Ann Beggs
Isabella Beggs
Annie Beggs
Jane Beggs
Florence Beggs
Eliza Beggs
Sarah Beggs
Harriet Beggs
Margaret Beggs
Ellen Beggs
Agnes Beggs
Charlotte Beggs
Rose Beggs
Janet Beggs
Catherine Beggs
Bridget Beggs
Geo. Beggs
Amy Beggs
Maria Beggs
Margret Beggs
Lizzie Beggs
Edith Beggs
Kathleen Beggs
Catharine Beggs
Henrietta Beggs
Betsy Beggs
Precilla Beggs
Anna Beggs
Minnie Beggs
Frances Beggs
Anges Beggs
Marry Beggs
Emma Beggs
Alice Beggs
Margt. Beggs
Ada Beggs
Eleanor Beggs
Lettita Beggs
Christina Beggs
Susanah Beggs
Ruth Beggs
Rebeccah Beggs
Helena Beggs
Nelly Beggs

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Worsted Spinner
Dock Labourer
Farm Lab
General Labourer (Unemployed)
Gen Lab
General Servant
Genl Labourer
Governess Nursery (Dom)
Feather Dresser
Licensed Victualler
Lg Stoker
Lamp Lighter (Gas)
Labourer (Foundry)
Lab At Ironworks
Grocer & Provision Dealer
Iron Turner & Fitter
Iron Labourer
India Rubber Labourer
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Lab Wife
Coal Miner
Clerk To Ship Owners
Clerk Out Of Employ
Church Of England Day Visitor
Carpenter Joiner
Book Work
Boiler Maker Rivetter
Consulting Engineer
Cook (4/2)
Cook (Domestic Serv)
Farm Boy
Engine(Works) Man (22-2)
Domestic Servt
Domestic Servant
Dock Laborer
Cotton Warper & Winder
Cook Dom Serv