Begbie in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Begbie
William Begbie
Alexander Begbie
James Begbie
Henry Begbie
Robert Begbie
Charles Begbie
Alfred Begbie
Ernest Begbie
Thomas Begbie
Francis Begbie
Richard Begbie
Horace Begbie
Frank Begbie
Walter Begbie
David Begbie
Benjn. Begbie
Archibald Begbie
Mars Begbie
Herbert Begbie
Frederick Begbie
Edward Begbie
Vivian Begbie
Sydney Begbie
Arundel Begbie

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Begbie
Mary Begbie
Margaret Begbie
Florence Begbie
Gertrude Begbie
Alice Begbie
Caroline Begbie
Barbara Begbie
Anna Begbie
Grace Begbie
Emily Begbie
Clara Begbie
Annie Begbie
Ann Begbie
Margret Begbie
Frances Begbie
Eva Begbie
Lucy Begbie
Ellen Begbie
Julia Begbie
Eleanor Begbie
Jessie Begbie
Charlotte Begbie
Isabella Begbie
Susie Begbie
Harriet Begbie
Matilda Begbie
Margt.E. Begbie
Francess Begbie
Aggie Begbie
Margeret Begbie
Maggie Begbie
Lilian Begbie
Joanna Begbie
Jane Begbie
Violet Begbie
Harriett Begbie
Sophia Begbie
Hannah Begbie
Agness Begbie

Top occupations

Cotton Spinner
No Occupation
Ministers Wife
Metal Worker
Lodge Keeper
Income From Dividends
Pianoforte Maker
Porter (Linen Drapers)
Station Master Railway
Solicitors Gen Clerk
Soldiers Wife
Ship Stewards Wife
Retired Ship Broker
Pupil Teacher
Professor Of Music & singing
Housemaid Dom Serv
Groom (D)
Wood Forsters Wife
Corn Factor
Cook Dom Serv
Collectors Clerk
Clothes Cutter (Tailor)
Clergyman Of Church Of England Without Care Of Souls M A Oxford Private Tutor
Cabinet Maker
Brass Finisher
Boot Closer
Barristers Clerk
Curate In Charge Of East Meon
Grocer And Provision Dealer
Governess (Prof)
Goldsmiths Assistant
General Servant
General Serv (Dom)
General Labourer
Gen Serv Dom
Gardener Dom Servant
Domestic Servant Cook