Bays in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Bays
John Bays
Henry Bays
George Bays
James Bays
Joseph Bays
Thomas Bays
Robert Bays
Charles Bays
Richard Bays
Arthur Bays
Edward Bays
Samuel Bays
Harry Bays
Ernest Bays
Reginald Bays
Fredrick Bays
Walter Bays
Francis Bays
Edmond Bays
Herbert Bays
Tom Bays
Alfred Bays
Curtis Bays
Chas. Bays
Richd. Bays
Cecil Bays
Benjm. Bays
Percy Bays
Fred Bays
Bedo Bays
Laurence Bays
Jonathan Bays
Edwin Bays
Stanley Bays
Albert Bays
Sidney Bays
Horace Bays
Daniel Bays
Seimon Bays
Christopher Bays
Geo. Bays
Burton Bays
Rd. Bays
Frederick Bays
Benjamin Bays
Michael Bays
Frank Bays
Augustus Bays
Sydney Bays

Top female forenames

Mary Bays
Sarah Bays
Elizabeth Bays
Emma Bays
Emily Bays
Maria Bays
Ann Bays
Ellen Bays
Alice Bays
Ada Bays
Annie Bays
Jane Bays
Catherine Bays
Fanny Bays
Martha Bays
Harriet Bays
Eliza Bays
Edith Bays
Hannah Bays
Caroline Bays
Anne Bays
Amy Bays
Susan Bays
Louisa Bays
Julia Bays
Agnes Bays
Katey Bays
Rosalie Bays
Augusta Bays
Jonathan Bays
Ester Bays
Rachel Bays
Jeannette Bays
Nora Bays
Hetty Bays
Matilda Bays
Herriott Bays
Margt. Bays
Hamiah Bays
Zilpha Bays
Charlotte Bays
Mabel Bays
Frederick Bays
Cassandra Bays
Florence Bays
Ruth Bays
Beatrice Bays
Ethel Bays
Rebecca Bays
Jessie Bays

Top occupations

Agricultural Labourer
Ag Lab
Labourers Wife
Leather Dresser
Domestic Servant
(C) Weaver
Foundry Lab (Iron)
Fishermans Wife
Stone Grindr Man
Market Gardener 40 Acres 1 Man
Farmer 7 Acres
Farmer Of 290 Acres (Employing 10 Men)
Farmer 63 A 3 Men
Farmer 40A 2 Men And Publican
Eng Steward
Engine Machinist (E & M Mkr)
Engine Machinist Wife
Engineer Apprentice
Farm Labourer
Farmer (Out Of Employ)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Worsted Woollen Weaver
Assistant Chemist
At Home
Bank Porter & Manager
Bank Porter & Manager Wife
Cart Man
Civil Service Post Office (C Sm)
Coach Builder
Coach Painter
Comb Maker
Commission Agent
Confectioners Assistant
Corn Merchants Clerk
Daughter Of A Machinist