Backe in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Joseph Backe
George Backe
Fred Backe
Albert Backe
Walter Backe
Samuel Backe
Henry Backe
Frederick Backe
Charles Backe
William Backe
Thomas Backe
Robert Backe
John Backe

Top female forenames

Sarah Backe
Elizabeth Backe
C. Backe
Ann Backe
Sophy Backe
Pheobe Backe
Martha Backe
Kitty Backe
Emma Backe
Eliz. Backe
Bessie Backe
Mary Backe
Louisa Backe
Hannah Backe

Top occupations

(Die Seal) Monogram Chaser
(Gen) Shop Assistant
Book Folder
Late Chocolate Makers Traveller
Matron Of Orphanage
No Occupation Annuitant
Platelayers Labourer
Professor Of Music
Retailer Of Beer