Amory in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Amory
Thomas Amory
John Amory
William Amory
Charles Amory
Joseph Amory
James Amory
Proctor Amory
Walter Amory
Frederick Amory
Herbert Amory
Geo.A. Amory
Tom Amory
David Amory
Alfred Amory
Ian Amory
Harry Amory
Geoffrey Amory
Thos. Amory
Chas. Amory
Robert Amory
Andrew Amory
Mathew Amory
Albert Amory
Isaac Amory

Top female forenames

Mary Amory
Elizabeth Amory
Sarah Amory
Ann Amory
Annie Amory
Caroline Amory
Isabella Amory
Susan Amory
Emily Amory
Jane Amory
Maud Amory
Emma Amory
Martha Amory
Margaret Amory
Laura Amory
Barbara Amory
Julia Amory
Susannah Amory
Helen Amory
Rose Amory
Gertrude Amory
Muriel Amory
Frances Amory
Marriann Amory
Dorothy Amory
Louisa Amory
Blanch Amory
Kate Amory
Agnes Amory
Susanna Amory
Henrietta Amory
Harriet Amory
Naomi Amory
Francis Amory

Top occupations

China Merchant
News Vendor
Income From Shares & Dividends ((No Occupation))
Carpenters Wife
Spring Knife Maker Cutler
No Occ ((Owner Of 21 Avres))
Wood Carver
Licensed Victualler
Jewel Case Maker
No Occupation
Picture Frame Maker
Retired Tea Dealer
Retired Tailor
Retired Grocer
Railway Porter
Pupil Teacher Of Elementary School
Venetian Blind Maker
Plumbers Laborer Wife
Picture Framer & Tobacconist
Plumbers Laborer
Housekeeper D
Ag Labr
Carpenters Son
Carpenter Employing 1 Man
Button Manufacturer Employing 16 Men 17 Women 5 Boys
Baronet M P J P D L
Bachelor Of Arts Oxford University
B Smith
Currier At Works
Farm Bailiff
General Servant (Domestic)
Gen Labr For Ag Work
Furniture Dealer
Formerly Housekeeper (Domestic)
Farmer 192 Acres Employs 5 Men
Farm Baliffs Wife
Agricultural Labourer