Ade in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Ade
George Ade
Edwin Ade
James Ade
Thomas Ade
Henry Ade
Charles Ade
Alfred Ade
Arthur Ade
John Ade
Stanley Ade
Robert Ade
Philip Ade
Percy Ade
Murray Ade
Gregory Ade
Stapley Ade
Ernest Ade
Samuel Ade
Edward Ade
Richard Ade
Benjamin Ade
Peter Ade
Nathan Ade
Moses Ade
Jesse Ade
W. Ade
Sylvester Ade

Top female forenames

Mary Ade
Sarah Ade
Emily Ade
Emma Ade
Elizabeth Ade
Ann Ade
Alice Ade
Martha Ade
Catherine Ade
Margaret Ade
Lydia Ade
Ruth Ade
Matilda Ade
Maria Ade
Bertha Ade
Kathleen Ade
Georgina Ade
Violet Ade
Esther Ade
Eliza Ade
Deborah Ade
Caroline Ade
Mabel Ade
Annie Ade
Louisa Ade
Amy Ade
Judith Ade
Agnes Ade
Flora Ade
Nelly Ade
Eleanor Ade
Marie Ade

Top occupations

Land Owner
Carpenter & Farmer Of 30 Acres
Miller (Corn)
Grocer & Draper
Letter Carrier
Leather Dresser
House Maid (Domestic)
Labourer At Chalk Pit
Independent Minister
Ironmongers Assistant
Inst Of Money
Linen Draper
Lodging House Keeper
Potters Packer
Potters Jiggerer
Nurse Dom Srv
Nurse (Dom Serv)
No Occupation
Model Maker (E&M)
Market Porter
House Holder
Helper To Above (Ag Lab)
Cook (Dom)
Commission Agent
Coal Merchant
Clerk To Civil Engineer
Brick Field Labourer
Blacksmith Training In R.S.A.M.
Cook Dom Sevt
Corn Merchant Farmer (70 Acres Employing 12 Men & 3 Boys)
General Serv
Gas Fitter
Formerly Laundress
Formerly Game Keeper
Foreign Letter Sorter GPO
Farmer Of 1377 Acres Employing 27 Men & 9 Boys
Cowkeeper Employing 1 Man
Cow Keeper