Addie in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Addie
Robert Addie
William Addie
James Addie
Gavin Addie
Wm. Addie
Thomas Addie
Ripley Addie
Hamilton Addie
Edward Addie
Arthur Addie
Alexander Addie
Peter Addie
George Addie
Francis Addie
David Addie
Alfred Addie
Al.Er. Addie
Sydney Addie

Top female forenames

Mary Addie
Margaret Addie
Elizabeth Addie
Jane Addie
Lilias Addie
Agnes Addie
Violette Addie
Ruth Addie
Helen Addie
Robina Addie
Gertrude Addie
Martha Addie
Ellen Addie
Maria Addie
Edith Addie
Marget Addie
Beatris Addie
Magdalene Addie
Annice Addie
Julia Addie
Janet Addie
Susanna Addie
Hilda Addie
Rose Addie
Gwendolene Addie
Emily Addie
Marion Addie
Margret Addie
Christina Addie
Annie Addie
Jessie Addie

Top occupations

Labourer At Copper Works
Land Agent Surveyor & C E
Land Surveyor & Architect
Land Surveyor Architect & Land Agent
Living On Income From Bank Bonds
Mercantile Clerk
Private R M L I
Scholar Cripple
Servant Domestic (Club Serv)
Labourer At Copper Wks
Iron Ship Wright
Headmaster Of Board School
Ag Lab
App Ship Wright
Bank Manager
Colliery Manager (Mine Serv)
Colliery Manager Dau
Colliery Manager Wife
Cotton Woolen Weaver
Drapers Porter
Engine Driver Stationary
Gen Domestic Serv