Acomb in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Acomb
Joseph Acomb
William Acomb
Thomas Acomb
George Acomb
Robert Acomb
Ernest Acomb
Frank Acomb
James Acomb
Quinton Acomb
Matthew Acomb
Fred Acomb
Dennison Acomb
Lewis Acomb
Benjamin Acomb
Joshua Acomb
Herbert Acomb
Willie Acomb
Harold Acomb
Walter Acomb
Frederick Acomb
Richard Acomb
Edward Acomb
Bramwell Acomb
Leanord Acomb
Alfred Acomb
Henry Acomb
Thompson Acomb

Top female forenames

Mary Acomb
Elizabeth Acomb
Alice Acomb
Edith Acomb
Hannah Acomb
Ann Acomb
Sarah Acomb
Emma Acomb
Margaret Acomb
Ada Acomb
Emily Acomb
Harriet Acomb
Eva Acomb
Martha Acomb
Lucy Acomb
Jemima Acomb
Charlotte Acomb
Annie Acomb
Gertrude Acomb
Rebecca Acomb
Fanny Acomb
Miney Acomb
Eunice Acomb
Ellen Acomb
Laura Acomb
Eliza. Acomb
Kate Acomb
Isabel Acomb
Caroline Acomb
Ruth Acomb
Frances Acomb
Rachael Acomb
Maud Acomb
Ethel Acomb
Kathleen Acomb
Eliza Acomb

Top occupations

Retired Farmer
Farm Servt(Indoor)
General Labourer
Farmers Wife
Cabinet Maker
Locomotive Engine Driver (Rly)
Groce & C
General Servant
General Serv
Mason's Lab
General Dealer
Masons Labourer
Gardner (ND)
Housekeeper (Dom)
Housemaid (Domestic)
Lithographic Printer
Letter Press Folder (Printer) (9/1)
Locomotive Engine Driver (Rly) Wife
Joiner And Cabinet Maker Wife
Joiner And Cabinet Maker
Mantle Maker
Income From Property
Insurance Agent
Farmer Of 121 Acres
Childrens Nurse
Bank Cashire Wife
Brokers Labourer (Iron)
Boy 2nd Class
Baptist Minister
Bank Cashire (Serv)
Agricultural Lab
Commercial Agent (Drapery)
Commercial Agent Wife
Commission Agent
Farmer Of 114 Acres
Farmer 24 Acres
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farm Serv
Farm Labourer
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Mule Spinner