Ackers in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Ackers
John Ackers
James Ackers
Thomas Ackers
Joseph Ackers
Robert Ackers
Henry Ackers
Edward Ackers
George Ackers
Peter Ackers
Richard Ackers
Wm. Ackers
Charles Ackers
Hugh Ackers
Alfred Ackers
Samuel Ackers
Frederick Ackers
Arthur Ackers
Herbert Ackers
Harry Ackers
Frank Ackers
Edwin Ackers
Walter Ackers
Hamblett Ackers
Geo. Ackers
Fred Ackers
Ernest Ackers
Wm.Bowker Ackers
Jacks Ackers
David Ackers
Humphrey Ackers
Benjamin Ackers
Thos. Ackers
Abraham Ackers
Roger Ackers
Richd. Ackers
Jonathon Ackers
Wm.H. Ackers
Demetries Ackers
Isaac Ackers
Albert Ackers
Sam. Ackers

Top female forenames

Mary Ackers
Elizabeth Ackers
Ellen Ackers
Ann Ackers
Margaret Ackers
Alice Ackers
Sarah Ackers
Jane Ackers
Annie Ackers
Martha Ackers
Edith Ackers
Emma Ackers
Harriet Ackers
Charlotte Ackers
Hannah Ackers
Cath. Ackers
Louisa Ackers
Kate Ackers
Emily Ackers
Rachel Ackers
Florence Ackers
Betty Ackers
Fanny Ackers
Susan Ackers
Isabella Ackers
Rachael Ackers
Catherine Ackers
Frances Ackers
Clementine Ackers
Nancy Ackers
Beatrice Ackers
Lydia Ackers
Anne Ackers
Elizth Ackers
Amelia Ackers
Jemima Ackers
Agnes Ackers
Clara Ackers
Hariet Ackers
Matilda Ackers
Bridget Ackers
Florance Ackers
Bessie Ackers
Magt. Ackers
Esther Ackers
Louise Ackers
Anna Ackers
Lettice Ackers
Elizth.Ann Ackers
Treeney Ackers

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Piecer
No Occupation
General Labourer
General Servant
Railway Engine Driver
Ag Lab
Coal Miners Laborer
Farm Labourer
Agricultural Machanic
Servant Domestic
Lodging House Keeper
Silk Winder
Errand Boy
Farmer Son
Inspector Of Police
General Laborer
Hat Trimmer
Cotton Striper & Grinder
Cook Housemaid Domestic
Cotton Card Tenter
Cotton Doubler
Cotton Operative
Cotton Mill Warehouseman
Chemical Wks Lab
Banks Man At Colliery
Barrister At Law
Beer Housekeeper
Winding Engine Worker Or Tester At Colly
Carder Unemployed (C W)
App Plumber
Chemical Wks Lab (Unemployed)
Clerk In Holy Orders
Coal Miner Wife