Abrahamson in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Jacob Abrahamson
Abraham Abrahamson
Arthur Abrahamson
Solomon Abrahamson
Albert Abrahamson
Samuel Abrahamson
Martin Abrahamson
Louis Abrahamson
L. Abrahamson
Joseph Abrahamson
David Abrahamson
Wolff Abrahamson
Benjamin Abrahamson
Swain Abrahamson
Arnold Abrahamson
Soloman Abrahamson
Adolph Abrahamson
Philip Abrahamson
Marlion Abrahamson
Lipman Abrahamson
Joshua Abrahamson
Charles Abrahamson
Thomas Abrahamson

Top female forenames

Caroline Abrahamson
Maria Abrahamson
Sarah Abrahamson
Rebecca Abrahamson
Florence Abrahamson
Emma Abrahamson
Deborah Abrahamson
Mary Abrahamson
Anna Abrahamson
Liba Abrahamson
Hannah Abrahamson
Flora Abrahamson
Evelina Abrahamson
Esther Abrahamson
Edith Abrahamson
Paulina Abrahamson
Charlotte Abrahamson
Marie Abrahamson
Bertha Abrahamson
Lotta Abrahamson
Harriet Abrahamson
Fanny Abrahamson
Eva Abrahamson
Rose Abrahamson
Rachael Abrahamson

Top occupations

Merchants Clk
Pawnbrokers Assistant
Rabbi Minister (Of Other Denome)
Retired Watchmaker
Stewardess (Ship)
Tailors Apprentice
Tailors Presser
Travellers Wife
Able Seaman
Mariner Seaman
Basket Maker
Boot Maker
Boot Trade Clicker
Colonial Merchant
Commercial Clerk
Dealer In Jewelry
Domestic Serv ((General))
Draper & Picture Dealer
Wife To Retired Watchmaker